Why Frag Out?

Founded in December of 2010, Frag Out Marketing aims to help local businesses advertise events and services creatively via Social Media and consumer-based interactive advertising campaigns. We do this in order to promote a broader customer base for your business and help you network within your community!

Social media is one of the most rapidly-expanding methods of advertising and marketing used in today's business. With the rising popularity of sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and countless blogs, social media offers a new way in which to reach customers and expand your business. 

We also offer new and innovative methods of delivering your message to your audience, such as interactive and consumer-based advertising. Sometimes known as guerrilla marketing, this non-traditional methodology of advertising is a low-cost, creative and often never-before-seen way to actively engage and energize consumers! For more information, please visit this link !

We will work with any size budget to meet your goals for your campaign. View our solutions by clicking here: